Linde 1319 Series IC Cushion 5k-6.5k

5,000 to 6,500 lb Capacity

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5,000 to 6,500 lb Capacity


This line of trucks is designed for the demanding conditions
of the Class 4 market. The low-mounted propane tank and
dashboard, combined with a clearview mast (peripheral view)
increase all-around visibility. This, together with low noise level
and simple operation allow operators to stay alert and maintain
unparalleled awareness of their surroundings.


With its impressive performance, the truck still maintains low
fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. Advanced engine
technology combined with the durable drive line, enable the
operator to use the truck´s capability to maximize productivity.
The ergonomic layout of all hydraulic functions allow for a high
level of precision control and working performance.


Climb on board relaxed, finish the shift relaxed. This truck
is designed to the most advanced ergonomic standards. A
spacious cab interior with accessibility from both sides of the
truck, cowl-mounted hydraulic controls, suspension seat, and
functional positioning of easy-actuation controls make for a
low-stress working environment.


This machine withstands the most brutal conditions in severe
applications thanks to our time-tested engineering, design and
manufacturing expertise. Its massive components are designed
to operate in adverse conditions and can handle intense
utilization with minimum care.


The use of high-quality parts and assemblies allow extended
maintenance intervals. At 500 hours, this is among the best
in the industry. Confidence in the quality of the machine also
allows us to offer an unmatched, standard 2-year or 4000-hour

Model Power Unit Load Capacity
(Q lb)
Load Center
(c in)
(y in)
Tires Tire Size: Front Tire Size: Rear
HT30CT LPG 6000 24 59.1 Cushion 21x7x15 16x6x10.5
HT32CT LPG 6500 24 59.1 Cushion 21x7x15 16x6x10.5
HT27CT LPG 5500 24 59.1 Cushion 21x7x15 16x6x10.5
HT25CT LPG 5000 24 59.1 Cushion 21x7x15 16x6x10.5